Rudd Construction Inc. has over 30 years of experience devoted to working with maintenance, engineering, purchasing and facility managers in resolving corrosion and proper protection problems of the industry. We have worked in many major industrial environments including boat assembly operation, car dealerships, machine shops, municipal, large manufacturing facilities, education, religious and the list goes on, but most important is that our experience means better solutions for any situation that you have. 

Application of new technologies combined with our 30 years of experience has made us a leader in the field of painting and their application. Being able to call upon that experience to define a problem area means better solutions for you. We pride ourselves in introducing our customers the latest in new technology and how those products can best serve the industry.

On every project we combine our commitment to quality, innovative paints along with professional service to provide our customers with turnkey management. Whether your needs are routine maintenance or major projects we follow through to make sure that your performance requirements are met.               

Industrial/Commercial Painting Services

Roof Coating

Polished concrete is extremely durable, easy to maintain and can be made available in different sheen’s.

Polishing concrete is a process that is done in steps to obtain the level of sheen you want from satin to high-gloss or that meets your aesthetic and maintenance requirements.

Polishing concrete floors requires a great deal of expertise and the use of specialized polishing machines equipped with diamond impregnated disks that gradually grind down surfaces too the desired degree of smoothness and sheen.

This is not something the week do-it-yourself person wants to take on. Reasons for polishing concrete are lower overall lifetime costs, no waxing, no chemicals and no wasted labor. All that is required for cleaning is an occasional damp mopping and the floor can be returned for immediate use.

Lighting is another reason for polishing because of its reflectivity. Polished concrete is in demand for restaurants, office buildings, schools, classrooms, restrooms and other public facilities that want to have a look that is unique, bright and clean.

Concrete Floor Polishing

Epoxy Flooring

Residential Metal Roofing

As Epoxy Contractors we have become the choice of companies for floor solutions for industrial and commercial business. Epoxy floors are designed for high traffic and are easily maintained without sacrificing aesthetics for a beautiful floor. All finishes are user and environmentally friendly, releasing no harmful components in the manufacture, installation process and the life of the system installed. During the life of the epoxy floor the costs compare favorably to carpet, VCT & tile due to the ease of maintenance (manpower and cost of supplies) and long product life.

As Epoxy Contractors we combine years of experience with trained professional craftsmen and only the best in materials. Whether your needs are routine floor repair and maintenance, expansion, new construction or total reconditioning Rudd Construction Inc. has a solution to meet your requirements.

Rudd Construction Inc. Epoxy Systems fast installation urethane systems are designed for quick return to service, durability and long life that will not harbor dirt, oil, dust or germs. The co-efficient of thermal expansion is compatible with concrete, thus steam cleaning, high temperature or rapid thermal cycling (thermal shock) will not cause cracking and delamination from the substrate. With a seamless surface it eliminates pores where bacteria can hide. Urethane is practical, long lasting and very easy to maintain making it easy on the budget over the long haul.

Residential Metal Roofing will effectively protect your roof from hail storms while enhancing the look of your present home.

Most city codes will allow metal roofing to be installed directly over one (1) layer of shingles thus eliminating shingle tear-off. In this application a product called Solex will be installed between shingles and the new metal roof. Solex not only acts as a vapor barrier and cushion, but it also reflects the heat from your roof keeping your attic space cooler. A cooler attic means less energy costs in the summer. With 13 attractive coolers one will be the perfect match for your home.

Insurance Companies know the effects of hail storms can be unfavorable on shingles and acknowledge metal roofing as an insurance premium reduction due to their enhanced reliability in these conditions.

With 30 years of experience and registered on the State of Kansas Roofers Registry, registration no. 13-121882, you can have peace of mind knowing your roof was installed by the professionals at Rudd Construction, Inc.

Coating systems bond tenaciously to roof surfaces and provides extra reinforced waterproofing to vulnerable areas such as seams, curbs, flashing and penetrations.

Once installed Coatings form a cool, seamless rubber blanket over the entire roof without the weight load, wind uplift potential or panel penetration concerns associated with retrofit single-ply membranes.

Coatings come in a variety of colors, however white is generally preferred for maximum energy savings and superior ultraviolet resistance. When applied in accordance with Factory Mutual test data, the coating systems offer a Class “A” rating for fire, hail and UV exposure.

Coatings are UV and chemical resistant, reflects heat, reduces noise, and beautifies the building’s exterior-all at a fraction of the cost of roof replacement or retrofit systems.

New roof assemblies must be capitalized and depreciated over the course of many years, restoration with coatings is fully deductible as a maintenance expense rather than a capital expenditure. 

Custom Concrete Staining

Make your home or business stand out with concrete coating techniques that produce beautiful results.

Our artisan concrete experts apply layer upon layer of dye stains followed by controlled strokes of an air compressor to achieve the perfect floor coating and texture.